Spinalis Whole Loin - Rib Eye Cap Drop


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This is a very special price on these 1855 Angus rib caps.  We were offered these loins at a discount if we took them all, so we are passing the savings on to you! We have left a little extra cap fat on the loin (all you grillers know what we're talking about), so make sure to cook on high heat and render cap fat into meat.  Cook to medium rare, let meat rest (very important), and serve family style, sliced across grain. Feeds 5-8 people. 

Get them while they last!

The absolute best part of the rib eye. If you have never tried a Spinalis - Rib Cap Steak, then you are in for a treat! They are extremely marbled, similar to a flank or tri-tip. However, these steaks do not need to be marinated. When grilled correctly, they are as tender as a filet mignon, but with all of the flavor of a rib eye. These steaks are very hard to find, and we are proud to offer them to our customers.

  • Individual size: 5.5-6lbs
  • Individually vacuum sealed and quick frozen
  • Frozen shelf life: 6-9 months