Spinalis - Whole Loin


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The absolute best part of the ribeye. If you have never tried a Spinalis - Rib Cap Steak, then you are in for a treat! They are extremely marbled, similar to a flank or tri-tip. However, these steaks do not need to be marinated. When grilled correctly, they are as tender as a filet mignon, but with all of the flavor of a ribeye. These steaks are very hard to find, and we are proud to offer them to our customers. This item is the whole spinalis loin. It has been vacuum packed, and is not portioned. If you would like this item cut into smaller 8oz steaks, please order our Spinalis Steaks.

  • All credit cards are authorized for 6lb loins.
  • We will adjust price based on individual weight before charging credit card.  
  • Price is $45 per lb.  
  • Individual weights vary. Average size 4.5lbs - 6lbs
  • Individually vacuum sealed and quick frozen
  • Frozen shelf life: 6-9 months