Tenderloin Steaks


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Well we all know the filet mignon, but there are other parts of the tenderloin that make excellent steaks, and are sure to please both the pallet and the budget. Introducing the newest addition to our steak line, Tenderloin steaks! They are actually the trimming next to the the filet mignon cut, and are aptly named "Petite Chateau". Plenty thick enough for the grill, or to pan sear and finish in the oven. Can also be used for all of your favorite pasta dishes. Heck at this price, go ahead and throw some in your morning omelet, or steak and eggs. Even though these steaks are a great price, there is no sacrifice in quality. These steaks are as tender and juicy as our best selling filet mignon. Try some today!

  • Individual size: 4-6oz
  • Pack size: 4 steaks per vacuum pack
  • Vacuum sealed and quick frozen
  • Frozen shelf life: 6-9 months