Lobster Tails - Cold Water - No Shell


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Why pay for the shell? Well you have no choice, until now. No Shell, no waste. Extremely clean and intact true weight Canadian cold water lobster tail meat. The lobster tail meat has been removed from individual lobster tails, then cleaned, vacuum sealed, and flash frozen within hours of the catch. The most tender, succulent, sweetest lobster that you have ever had. Reserved for high end restaurants and Country Clubs, we are proud to offer these exquisite tails to our customers. Some of our customers refer to this item as "lobster candy".

  • SPECIAL ORDER - 5-7 days before item can be delivered 
  • Case size: 9-10 lobster tails
  • Case weight: 5lbs
  • Individual size: 8oz+
  • Individually vacuum sealed and quick frozen
  • Frozen shelf life: 6-9 months

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