Filet Mignon - Bone In


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These bone in filets are different that you might be used to.  I was attending a local food show when I first discovered this item.  I noticed that they were relatively small, only 2.5oz each, and appeared to be just a trimming from the filet mignon.  Well I went ahead and tried them, and I had to order some immediately so I could share them with my customers.  They are small, however they come 4 to a pack, so enough for a meal.  They cook super quick on the grill, about 1 minute per side.  All I can say is Incredible.  Super tender, tons of flavor, and you don't even need a fork and knife to eat them.  You can pick them up by the small bone which makes them super easy to serve and eat.  They have only been available at our Farmers Markets until now.  If you love our burgers and boneless filet mignon, same great Company. You won't be disappointed!

  • Individual size: 2.5oz each
  • 4 individual steaks per vacuum pack
  • Pack size: 10oz
  • Vacuum sealed and quick frozen
  • Frozen shelf life: 6-9 months

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