Pork Spinalis - Kurobuta Berkshire


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Pork Spinalis you say!  Some call it the pork cap, or cap of pork, pork crown.  Well whatever you want to call it, it is about the best pork you have ever tried.  We love our Ribeye Spinalis, and it is our number 1 seller.  When we heard of this item, we just had to try it, and it did not disappoint. Peeled off of the top of the Pork Loin, then hand trimmed.  A little of the fat is always left on so it can be cooked correctly.  Use your favorite steak seasoning, or any seasoning that you prefer, and cook on a hot grill.  We are very pleased to offer this truly unique all natural product to our customers, and are sure that it is destined to be a huge hit. We said this same thing 12 years ago when the Rib Eye Spinalis became available on the market.    

  • Individual size: 10-13oz 
  • Pack size: 3 individual caps per pack 
  • Individually vacuum packed and quick frozen
  • Frozen Shelf Life: 6-9 months