Rib Eye - Drop Cut


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Who loves Rib Eye?  How about a Drop Cut Rib Eye?  This was known as a butcher's cut, or a cut that the butcher did not think he could sell, so he took it home. Well it should have been known as a Butcher's Secret, because these steaks are amazing!

These rib eyes are left when they cut the large bone in Tomahawk Rib Eyes.  The extreme marbling and flavor are unbelievable, and comparable to a very expensive steak. They don't take long to cook or thaw (big bonus), but you might wish that you had cooked an extra one after you take the first bite.  It is one of our personal favorites.

  • Individual size: 10oz
  • Individually vacuum sealed and quick frozen.
  • Frozen shelf life: 6-9 months